At STERIS Animal Health our vision is to provide world-class products and develop collaborative service solutions for vets and the animals in veterinary care. Our devotion to animals extends beyond the physical boundaries of our business towards our relentless pursuit in improving the health and well-being of all animals big or small.

Earlier this year we launched our CSR strategy for the business in order that we play a leading role in the veterinary surgical and diagnostic market, touching the lives of companion and equine animals up and down the UK, with plans to expand more widely into Europe in 2019/20.

As a team of passionate devotees to animals, we recognise the many challenges that face the animal care sector from increases to the resistance of antibiotic treatments to diagnostic challenges and the ongoing rising tide of recruiting and retaining the next generation of veterinary talent. It is for this very reason we made it a very early priority for our business to partner with key educational establishments within the veterinary sector so that we can play a small but valuable part in educating and encouraging new vets into practice and thus securing the future care of animals in the UK.

You may remember earlier this year, our team (who we affectionately refer to as STERIS Animals) gave a day of their time to supporting Bransby Horses near Lincoln. Their work is impressive and as one of the biggest independent national equine and donkey charities in the UK rely heavily on donations and goodwill gestures from businesses and the public.

To further add to this year’s contributions today 4th December 2018, Kevin Holder (Managing Director for STERIS Instrument Management Services Europe) presented the charitable loan of one of our recently launched Endo-i® 1.5m Airways scopes to the RVC at their Hertfordshire campus.

Michael Hewetson accepted the scope on behalf of the college and was genuinely excited at the prospect of utilising such a valuable diagnostic device that offers portability and intuitive use in training the next generation of equine vet students. Over the next few months, we will visit the RVC again to share their feedback and top tips for use regarding the Endo-I® product range.

To find out more about the Endo-i® or to enquire about any of its features and its many benefits please visit our dedicated web page or download a copy of our informational brochure.

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