I am not eco-obsessed, but I am a hoarder of sorts – I have three garden sheds if that’s any indication. I believe that you should never throw anything away that may come in handy later and I apply this approach to my work in the Animal Health warehouse.

I am head picker and packer for all things Animal Health, one of my roles includes repacking crepe paper into smaller packs. We receive our crepe paper in batches of 250 or 500, our Customers require these in packs of 100 so we need to re-package these in a new polythene bag in a controlled environment. As the new polythene bags are one size, during this repacking process, I am left with off cuts. I saved these to one side, not wanting to throw these away and waste plastic. We then received an order of an even smaller batch of crepe paper and low and behold, instead of having to order a new size of polythene bags, my off cuts came to the rescue!

Additionally, we always try to be responsible when purchasing items for our warehouse. For instance, our picking and packing bins are made using recycled plastic.

My motto is, if you use plastic or polythene and have waste, this can always be utilised in another way. Any packaging I receive into the warehouse, I do my best to reuse and give it a second life. For example, we had a delivery of new chairs for the office, this gave us more bubble wrap for our own packaging stock.

If you work in an environment where you use or receive a lot of packaging, think about where these could be useful instead of just throwing them out. You can reduce your overall waste and also reduce costs when it comes to purchasing your own packaging.

Written by Steve Glover, Warehouse Coordinator