STERIS Animal Health invites veterinary nurses to learn more about instrument sterilisation!

On the 16th of April 2019, STERIS arranged a CPD day focusing on sterilisation of veterinary surgical instruments. Nurses and vets were invited to STERIS’ largest UK healthcare sterilisation facility in Sheffield.

Product Manager Anna explains more:

The main objective of this CPD event was to give vets and vet nurses an opportunity to get an insight into the reprocessing of surgical instruments at one of our largest sterilisation facilities. At STERIS IMS Sheffield we process over 7 million instruments every year, servicing 2 hospitals and 7 trusts.

The reprocessing of reusable surgical instruments in the healthcare sector is heavily regulated. Whilst no such regulations are in place for veterinary instruments, we wanted to share best practice methods and processes between the healthcare and veterinary sector.

“Excellent event which I really enjoyed. It was great to see all the facilities and to listen to the enthusiastic speakers who made the information relatable to practice and also in a manner which was understandable. Would highly recommend in the future and would like to return for more!” – Attendee

The importance of instrument management and safe decontamination and sterilisation process is of vital importance to any veterinary practice taking patient safety seriously. During the CPD event the attendees got the opportunity to get an exclusive insight into STERIS’ processes and instrument management practices including for example:

  • An in-depth session on the concept of sterilisation and the importance of developing an effective and consistent process
  • Guided tours of the wash and clean room facilities with practical demonstrations and the opportunity to ask questions
  • An overview of the must have sterilisation verification products, the science behind them and most importantly – how these products can lead to more efficient and safer processes!

The CPD also resulted in several interesting discussions around current practices relating to sterilisation of veterinary instruments and the challenges industry professionals face in their everyday job.

It is evident that there is a large variation in the processes undertaken in different practices. The key learnings from the event was the importance of validating your processes and to aim for consistency and continuous monitoring both in the decontamination and sterilisation process.

“Very happy with today’s CPD. All representatives were friendly and professional. It was an insightful and slightly overwhelming (not in a bad way!) experience. I would definitely recommend and/or attend STERIS CPD in the future” – Attendee

We received amazing feedback on the event, and it was a great day with lots of learning for both the STERIS team and the attendees. We will keep contributing to improvements in infection prevention and sterilisation within the veterinary sector and together we can work towards improving patient safety and instrument management within veterinary practices!

Are you interested in learning more about best practice instrument decontamination and sterilisation? Did you miss the event but would like to access the presentation and associated learning material? Check out our new educational portal STERIS Insights.

Keep an eye out for upcoming CPD events on our website or contact us today and let’s have a chat about how we can support your practice!

The STERIS Animal Health team

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