Sterilisation using steam is by far the most common process for sterilising reusable medical instruments and devices. Ensuring that the sterilisation process is efficient and safe is key to patient safety for both veterinary and healthcare hospitals.

One common issue associated with steam sterilisation cycles is the occurrence of moisture outside or inside of the sterilised packs. This needs to be carefully managed and rectified as water creates a pathway for contaminants. If a sterilised item is wet – it should not be used and need to be re-processed. A common misconception is that the water is also sterile and therefore there is no risk of contamination, this is incorrect! Even if the packs are left to dry, the water creates a pathway for microorganisms to penetrate the packs.

STERIS Animal Health have published a white paper looking into the causes of wet packs in steam sterilisation processes which will help your hospital or practice to better understand this issue and to manage and prevent the occurrence of moisture on sterilised packs and items. Download the document on our educational portal.

If you want to find out more about how you can improve decontamination and sterilisation in your practice or hospitals, please contact the STERIS Animal Health team today!