We decided that in honour of this day, we were going to offer STERIS employees the opportunity to try a plant-based milk. So, in addition to the usual order of dairy milk this week, we have added three types of plant milk to the STERIS fridges; Oat, Soy and Almond to try. Of course, we made sure that dairy milk was still available, but this was a good way to introduce plant milk to people and who knows… maybe some people will even try it and make a permanent change to their office coffees?

On 19th July, BBC news reported that consumption of plant-based milks was on the rise. In their report, they stated that “almost a quarter of British people are now drinking non-dairy milks” – this was later linked to a rising concern for the impact on the environment that dairy milk has. Within the article, The BBC went on to illustrate the different types of milk and their environmental impact:


Here at STERIS we care about our carbon footprint and the effect that we have on the environment, as such, we thought that this would also be a great opportunity for us to encourage a reduction in that footprint even if only for a day.

Did you know-  there are some types of fortified plant milk that contain just as much calcium as dairy milk! This means that plant milk is now also just as beneficial to your health as dairy! In fact, there are even comparisons between dairy and plant milk that show that plant milk can be even more favourable in terms of saturated fat, calories and nutrients.

So, go on, make an excuse today in honour of World Plant Milk Day to give plant-based milks a try, you never know, it may become your go-to!