Canine Castration Kit

STERIS Animal Healths’ Canine Castration Kit contains high quality instrumentation specifically selected for castration procedure. The instruments are contained within a wire mesh din basket with silicone dividers and holders for ultimate protection. The wire mesh din basked is ideal for automated washing and sterilization after use and all instruments have been carefully selected to ensure the highest quality in both manufacturing and materials

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Our Canine Castration Kit contains everything you need for a castration procedure. Presented in a useful DIN Basket (which can also be sterilised and used again and again.

Purchasing your instruments as a kit is convenient and cost effective, with nine stainless steel instruments presented in our uniquely designed wire mesh DIN basket with silicone dividers and holders for additional protection that hug your instruments whilst in sterilisation or storage.

Our instruments have been carefully selected by our research and development team in partnership with veterinary nurses.

What makes our Canine Castration Kit so special?

Like every paw print and every finger tip we are all unique, with our own set of needs and health requirements. The ergonomic designs of our surgical instruments combined with the highest standards in manufacturing and design, ensure performance for both surgeon and the dog – that’s because we have developed our kits in partnership with senior veterinary nurses to ensure we have covered every eventuality in the operating room.

The kit contains

  • 4 Jones Towel Clip – 90mm
  • 1 Scalpel Blade Handle No 3 -90mm
  • 1 Adsons Dissecting Forceps with Turn Over Serrated Jaws – 127mm /5”
  • 1 Dissecting Forceps Turn over end serrated jaws 127mm /5”
  • 1 Mayo Scissors Straight 16cm – 160mm /6.3”
  • 2 Spencer Wells Artery Forceps ( straight) – 127mm /5”
  • 2 Spencer Wells Artery Forceps ( Curved ) serrated jaws – 127mm /5”
  • 1 Olsen_Hegar Scissor/Needle Holder with screw joint – 140mm /5.5”
  • 2 Halstead Mosquito Forceps – 125mm /5”
  • 1 DIN Basket Wire Mesh Base and Perforated Sides with Silicon Dividers and Holders. – 250mm x 240mm x 50 mm

By choosing STERIS Animal Health Canine Castration Kit you will be using the highest quality instrumentation ensuring a safe procedure for your pet patient.