Prolystica 2 x Concentrate (Neutral detergent)

Our detergent is available in 3 volumes: 1.5 GLs’ /2.5 GLs’ and 15 GLs

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STERIS Prolystica Neutral detergent is compatible with stainless steel, plastics, aluminium and soft metals. The detergent provides exceptional cleaning over a broad range of water quality. Our detergent can be used for both manual and automated washing. STERIS’ detergents attacks hard-to-remove organic soils such as fatty lipids and proteins. It restores and protects surgical instruments and medical devices against wear due to poor water quality and extends the life of stainless steel surgical instruments.

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1.5 GL /6.81L, 2.5 GL /11.36L, 15 GL /68.19L